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Our main service is manufacturing custom furniture
base on design given.

Our Service

Design Consultancy

design concept 2

A design consultation is basically spending time with client discussing various problem solving solutions for a room. We can discuss color, architecture and review design flaws in a room.

Citra Kasih help to solved the problems that may occurs when designing or building a new projects and help to realize that.

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Technical Drawing for Interior and Architecture

design interior

Technical drawing is a drawing of plan, rendered to scale, that is used to communcaate direction and specifics to a group of people who are creating somethink to explain how somethink works or how to build something

Manufacture Fix and Loose

Citra Kasih is ones of best indonesia furniture manufacturer for fix and loose furniture at Central Java, Indonesia. As a Indonesia furniture manufacturer, we have high standard quality machine mae for woodworking production.

Qualified for mass and or custom furniture production, we have experience for hotel, office, store and home living project

Manufacture Fix and Loose

Manufacture Fix and Loose 2